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Default Re: Accomodating Non-humans

#1 thing to remember: a horse is not a bicycle. (Many fantasy writers have pointed this out.)

I don't have many animals in my SF/F, but I do have a juvenile/YR book where a horse (of course) is pretty key to the plot and as such I have the luxury of indulging in a description dump (the narrator is thirteen. She's going to devote a lot of thought to the pony.) It helps that I've had horses since I was six, been around farm animals as long, had umpteen zillion pets (dogs, cats, horses, budgerigars, cockatiels, fish, hermit crabs....) and work in a zoo. I can go look at animals pretty much whenever.

If I ever get around to really working with that fantasy novel I'm kicking around, I have a terrific idea involving the use of megafauna. But that's me being self-indulgent.
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