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Default Re: Accomodating Non-humans

As with all of my fiction writing, I try to weave the descriptions into the story, whether I'm depicting an ordinary human or a bizarre alien being. I once wrote a story about an alien that was transformed into a human during her long journey to Earth. When she awoke out of stasis, she immediately noticed the differences between her old body and new, since she needed to adapt to our environment. Her home planet was a moon with lighter gravity and temperatures that dropped to below freezing. As a result, her original body was light-boned and covered with a soft, thick down; her human one felt thick and bare. She also noticed that she could no longer view auras and body heat and had to speak aloud, not through her thoughts. I basically introduced the reader to her species through what she was thinking and feeling.

I've noticed that the beings I come up with, and I'm sure this applies to every writer, have some sort of basis in our reality, whether they are humanoid or bestial in appearance. A creature could have wings, tentacles, whatever but it will still have vestiges of things we are familiar with, making them relatively easy to describe and relate to.
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