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Default Re: Getting to know you...

Originally Posted by Radar
I'm also vertically challenged at 5' 1".

Hi from Radar. I found this thread and thought I should introduce myself. My name is Evelyn and I have two children (B-22 and G-19). I'm divorced and share my home with my Mom and son. My daughter is away at college and I'm looking forward to having her home next month. It was her first year and I don't know who it was harder on her or me.

I've been a fan of Anne's since 1977 when my Mom give me Dragonflight to read after she read it first. We quickly became fans and I started giving my Mom Anne's books as gifts. Now I'm giving her Todd's books, starting with Dragon's Kin for her birthday in May. We are looking forward to reading Dragonsblood from the public library. I like Pern of course, The Ship who Searched, Restoree, Petaybee Series, Talent Series and Tower & Hive Series, Freedom Series, Acorna Series, the rest of Brain & Brawn Ship Series, Crystal Singer Series, No One Noticed the Cat and Black Horses for the King.

Well, that's about it except for the weather here in British Columbia, Canada. It was a strange winter in that we didn't get a lot of snow or a really long spell of cold weather like we usually do. I live in the Columbia river valley at a city named after Lord Revelstoke. We are presently having spring-like weather.
Hiya Radar!!! I'm even smaller than you 4' 11''.. and I call myself Tiny!!
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