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Originally Posted by Samsara View Post
Thanks Flinx. I'll check them out. I know about Swancon because its in WA, (I hear its not that great but I've never been - have you?) but the others are new to me. I checked out your links and they seem interesting enough. Maybe you guys will see me at some of them!
You're welcome.
I'm hoping to go to AussieCon & I believe Jube is also going.
They were only a few of the cons that happen around Australia. Most of the states have some sort of con (sci-fi lit, media & comics) during the year.
Also the various writer's festivals always have a good selection of authors.
If I had the time available I would have went to Brisbane for their writer's festival this week, as John Birmingham, Gregg Hurwitz & Jeff Lindsay are among the authors attending.
At the Sydney Writer's Festival this year I met & got books signed by Garth Nix & Isobelle Carmody.
SwanCon is Australia's longest continuous running con, every year since '75, and each year is run by a different commitee, so there might be years where someone could say that it wasn't as good as another year.
I think that Swancon is like any other con you get what you expect from it & hopefully a bit more.
I live on the NSW south coast, so attending SwanCon is a big event for me but I've attended 3 times. The first time was in 1996 (Neil Gaiman & Storm Constantine), then 1997 (Howard Waldrop) & 2006 (Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon). There were a couple of other years I would have like to attend but couldn't get time off work.
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