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So...I take it nobody actually wants a manuscript emailed to them?

Originally Posted by AnnMarie View Post
Okay, just from my perspective...I DO hope you aren't using Satanist and witch as interchangable. They aren't. Not all Satanists practice magic (especially if they belong to LeVey's group) and most witches ARE NOT Satanists.
No need to preach to the choir. Catalina is not Wiccan. She is a practicing Satanist (not really affiliated with any of the formal groups, although her personal form of it is influenced by Anton LaVey and his philosophies). She is also a witch in the fantasy form of the word--she can cast real spells and curses. (That wasn't made clear in the text above?) Two different words for two different facts about her--her religion, and her type of magical talent.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by your response...I did phrase things in a purposely...attention-getting way. But I hoped the humor in Raul's narrative voice...I mean, he's making snide remarks about people's ASSUMPTIONS about rural folks all being hicks...would give me a chance.

I do address a LOT of things about words, terminology, religion vs. magic, and culture vs. subculture in this book. It's part of the reason I set things up as I do.

How's the faun hiding cloven feet and hairy goat legs?
Jube is close. Raul is not actually exactly a faun as the mythology goes. His feet are not cloven; they're like a prehistoric horse's, with three toes that each have a hoof on the end. If you look at any digitigrade animal (that is, one that walks on their toes, like a cat, or dog, or horse) they're...well, walking on their TOES. Raul crams his feet into really long shoes (he's teased about having clown feet), sort of pads them so they "fit", and walks on his hock like it's a heel so that the body line from his hip to "foot" looks normal.

It's not particularly pleasant for him to do this, as hocks are not meant to be used as heels, and a few books down the line once he actually hits his mature growth it'll cause some issues.

When he goes barefoot, he "gains" six to twelve inches (I...haven't really measured his hocks, and he's a growing boy...) since he walks on his toes as is most comfortable for him.

Hiding hairy legs is easy...just put on some freakin' pants, dude!

I address these issues later on in the story, including Raul's body issues where he refuses to wear shorts or go swimming or anything that will expose his hairy legs...but since you asked...there's the info.
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