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Default Wefts

My Planet Pirate canon is incredibly rusty, and I haven't touched the Planet Pirate books since...I was twelve? Eleven? Over ten years ago, nearer fourteen years ago. So I thought I'd come here.

A rabid plotbunny bit me in the Talent forum (I'll try not to bite any of you while foaming at the mouth, but no promises!). What if the Talents met Wefts, which are pretty darn cool, rather than Mrdinis, in the depths of space?

I always like the Wefts, but the only thing I remember about them is that A) they're shapeshifters, B) they have 3 genders and become sterile if they leave their homeworld, and C) when choosing a human form, they often base them on celebrities, tweaking the features just enough that it's not an exact match.

What else is known about the Wefts? Do we know the name of their planets or homeworld? How many Wefts did we meet in the books? I just remember the one that...Sassinack?...had a crush on. I also have a mental image that they are somewhat triangular, angular, and vaguely resemble the aliens from Alien.
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