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Default Re: New Covers for Harper Hall trilogy

Originally Posted by Eriflor View Post
What on Earth did the publishers tell him to paint? "Teenage girl standing on seashore with nine small brightly-coloured dragons flying over her head"?

And is he actually claiming that he's read the Harper Hall series, where the colors of Menolly's fire-lizards are listed and they're described using their fore-paws?
I did a quick search of my old pb copy of Dragonsong when the artwork was originally shared on FB and couldn't find specific mention of firelizard forelegs, unfortunately. However, the book does state that the firelizards were exact copies of the much larger dragons, so there's that.

As a stand-alone illustration, the artwork is lovely IMO. It's just not Pern specific. And just an FYI, I did ask and found out that this new edition will be targeted to younger audiences and new readers rather than general SFF or YA/teen readers who may already be fans of Pern and its dragonriders.

On the other hand, there's always the option to complain to the publisher if there's issue with the latest edition's cover art.
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