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Default Re: Anyone seen Avatar

My wife and I went to watch Avatar 2D at the cheapy theater yesterday. We just can't afford the first run theater. During the movie, just after she rode her dragon we turned to each other and said 'They're ready to do Dragonrider, someone call Jimmy and have him talk to Anne & Todd.'

Originally Posted by StevenB View Post
Ditto everything Lanen said. What an amazing film/movie. If anyone hasn't seen it yet I'd recommend seeing it in 3-D at the cinema/theatre just for the experience. It won't be the same viewed in 2-D on a TV screen.

On the subject of Na'vi and their creatures communicating with each other, I got the impression that in this movie the entire planet acted as the team. So there are elements of both DRoP and PTB.

I wish someone would get on and make the DRoP movie.
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