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Default Re: Anyone seen Avatar

Originally Posted by elvenart View Post
The thing with Sully, I expect, is that he had a hard time 'thinking' his wants and ideas to the animals on Pandora. He's grown up with Earth animals and their very limited understandings. The Pandoran creatures seem to fully meld with their riders, thus instantly grasping their desires. This was demonstrated most effectively in the scene where he is learning to ride the 'horse'.

This will be similar to how the Dragonriders in the Pern series fly and communicate, I would imagine, although it makes it difficult from a visual perspective to translate that to film. I would surmise that that was part of the reason that Cameron decided to have Sully do more verbal directing with the Banshee rather than mental, to kind of let the audience get a sense of where he was going and what he was doing.

That is an excellent point!!

I saw Avatar for the 2nd time last weekend, in 3D this time, and seemingly got more out of it. The visuals are absolutely stunning, either way, but I noticed the Na'vi's eyes more--those gold eyes are something--and also the sparkle on their faces, etc. As a photographer, I can't help but to put together possibilities for photos in my head; what a cool portrait Neytiri (sp??) and her 'dragon' would make!

I found this video clip

and no, I haven't painted my face blue!
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