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Default Re: Anyone seen Avatar

I saw Avatar a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was the best movie rendering of a science fiction story ever--the visuals were so gorgeous that even though all through the last third of the movie I desperately needed to go to the loo I held on because I was afraid I would miss seeing something.
I thought the story was well told too--I'm not sure what the folks who said it was old hat expected--it was, yes, a story about a corporate invasion of a nature-based indigenous culture but it was beautifully done and the Na'vi culture was imagined so well. I was really impressed with it. I'd like to see it again on a big screen. I didn't see it in 3-D and with some of those critter riding scenes, it's just as well. I think I'd get vertigo.
I agree that I hope if they ever do the Pern movie they do it as thoughtfully as they did this one. I thought it was fun that those critters in the movie bonded with riders only after trying to kill them--very unPern Dragonlike.
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