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Default Re: Anyone seen Avatar

Lanen and I discovered Myst when it came free with a new PC years ago. But I played games on the BBC micro computer and Commodore PET when they first came out. Some of the games were written in BASIC, and if I got frustrated with them I would rewrite the offending part of the code. (You can't do that any more.) The very first 3-D graphics game was Elite, which I played on the BBC micro. Elite was a simulation game, like Myst, where what happened to you decided on the choices you made - you didn't just have to shoot everything on site (although you could choose to do that and become an outlaw!). We're a little off topic, but not much. I think Elite broke the mould for games in the same way that Avatar has just done for the cinema. (By the way, when I refer to Myst I mean Myst and its sequels: Riven and Exile. It's the stunning graphics and sound experience in the Myst sequels that Avatar reminds me of.)

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