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Saw it, really enjoyed it, and was blown away by the 3D effects. I'm old enough to remember the red/green cardboard glasses when 3D first started, and they were a waste of time and annoying. This is a whole 'nother world, folks. I have NEVER been convinced by surround sound before, but twice during this movie I turned around in the theatre to see what was behind me!

Basically, the effect of the 3D was not to make it seem like anything was 'coming out of the screen' - the effect is to make the viewer feel that they are in the movie, at least to a certain extent. It was astoundingly absorbing, despite the well-trodden plot. And unicorntig: yes, the story has been around forever (LONG before 1995), but that isn't necessarily a problem. The whole art of storytelling is to take whatever elements of the vast soup of story most appeal to you, and to throw together your own stew!
This was a well-executed version, interesting world-building (anyone else feel like they had been inspired by the computer game Myst?) and made, I thought, for a really good movie.
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