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Default Re: Anyone seen Avatar

I saw Avatar the "regular" way (not 3D), and I loved it! It made me look forward to a DoP movie, and hope that the story is given the same respect and it's made just as well.I still might go back and see Avatar in 3D.

As a real live Pern fan, as well as real live wheelchair user, I just wanted to offer my 2 cents on certain aspects of the film. First of all, the actyor Sam Worthington did a wonderful job portraying someone who's paraplegic, right down to the atrophied legs and hips. I do love the way that his character of Jake Sully was shown in a positive, accepted light; someone who, with persistence and hard work, got the chance to have the opportunities everyone else had.He maybe moved a little differently, but he was there. Also, for me the most powerful scene of the the film was the end (and I apologize if I am spoiling this for anyone) where Neferty(??) lifts him and says, "I see you." meaning that she 'sees' him and accepts him for all that he is.

I also loved how the Na'vi and their dragon-like creatures "talked", and the bond between them. Although, I will admit, it seemed like Jake (as avatar) controlled and even dominated his dragon more--telling him/her where to go, etc. Of course I can't speak for anyone else, but I always got the distinct impression that the Pernese dragonriders worked together with their dragons, as a team, to get the job done. I feel that just anyone can dominate another, just order them around and make them submit, but that it takes a very special person to truly work in partnership together.

Overall, I really enjoyed Avatar and highly encourage anyone who hasn't seen it to do so!
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