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Originally Posted by AnnMarie View Post
Okay, just from my perspective...I DO hope you aren't using Satanist and witch as interchangable. They aren't. Not all Satanists practice magic (especially if they belong to LeVey's group) and most witches ARE NOT Satanists.
Agreed. Anyone who claims to actually worship and/or talk to Satan or devils are not Satanists; they're cracked. For instance, LaVeyan Satanists use Satan as a symbol of humanity's base desires. Even Theistic Satanism might not be as bad as it sounds. It's cool that Catalina is who she is, but a more clear definition might work best, right up front, even though you'll be covering that in the story.

Anyway, Domini, I'll have a lookie if you'd like. ^n_n^
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