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Default Re: Dragon eggs and hatchling size

Originally Posted by Eriflor View Post
Hi CuriousFlit.
I was thinking about your last post, and glanced back to where you said Ruth was 20 feet long and Carenath only 10 feet long. That's quite a difference from Carenath being "smaller than Ruth". Or was it "not as big as Ruth"?

I'd like to check my books for the dragon/horse comparison, but my cat is napping next to the bookshelf and I don't want to wake him up. Anyway, I'd say Sean was comparing shoulders-to-butt on both animals.
Sorry, it's "Why, that bronze isn't as big as Ruth". I checked using google books, my own copy is lost in the house somewhere.

Here's the quote comparing Carenath to Cricket:

"The bronze was nearly the same height in the shoulder as Cricket, though the conformation was entirely different, Carenath being much longer in the body, deeper in the barrel, and stronger in the hindquarters."
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