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Default Re: When has Anne McCaffrey become answerable to Feminists?

Originally Posted by Lily View Post
In my opinion, He Done Corana Wrong! Sending her a fire lizard egg was NOT a good way to say goodbye. I wish she had given him a son. Being an honourable young man (most of the time)he would have acknowledged it, and it would have been his eldest son and therefore in line for a future Lord of Ruatha. That would have been an interesting story line, wouldnt it?'
He might have had a shot at it, but the eldest son doesn't necessarily inherit on Pern. The Lord Holder gets to nominate his heir, and would normally choose the one best qualified to lead the Hold during a Pass. If he doesn't name his heir, then any other close male relatives can put themselves forward for election by a Lord Holders' Conclave, and may even duel to the death to eliminate the competition. If Jaxom lived long enough, there would have been at least 4 contenders.
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