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Default Re: When has Anne McCaffrey become answerable to Feminists?

Originally Posted by Heath View Post
Or the difference between what's appropriate in sex-fantasy suggestion guide anthologies (they exist) versus what alleges to be a story about strong female characters and men who respect them, come to that.

Okay, run that by me again.

Do I understand this correctly? There is someone who decides what is an "appropriate sex-fantasy" (for people to have/write) and this is bundled together in a guide for what? Anthologies?

And just where does the "strong female character" (gosh how I hate these!) come into the context of "sex-fantasies"? Oh stop - "appropriate sex-fantasies"?
I have to wonder at this point if you are being deliberately obtuse. And I'm thinking yes.

The quoted text is not saying there are guides about what is appropriate sex-fantasy. Anareth is (rightly so) saying there is a huge difference about what is appropriate in sex-fantasy oriented work versus what is appropriate in a story that is marketed as being about strong female characters and men who respect them.

Appropriate here meaning what supports the story and characters.
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