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Default Re: When has Anne McCaffrey become answerable to Feminists?

Originally Posted by semantre View Post
Heath, I think it is important to recognize that you cannot, with certanity, say why McCaffrey wrote anything. You have your opinion on why she chose to write this subject manner in this fashion, but you have no proof that your opinion is any more accurate than that of any other person. These may very well have not been her fantasies, but what she - or more likely, her editor - felt would help the books sell. I understand that it is important to you to feel that McCaffrey had the same fantasies that you had/have, but using that as the basis for debating the merits of her work is illogical.
I'd say yes if I didn't know far too many people who share my sexual orientation and incidentally share my view of AMC, or hadn't seen her books in too many kinky households to call it pure chance.

I doubt any of her editors asked for kinky sex, though I am pretty sure a few did ask for more or at least equal amounts of sex as compared to her male peers. That's the 1970ies for you.
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