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Default Re: When has Anne McCaffrey become answerable to Feminists?

Being a long time fan of Anne's writing because she got me back into reading at a time I was loosing interest in books, I am not unaware of the inconsistencies in then nonetheless. but I take them at face value and enjoy the books for what they are, good entertainment.

I know that some people would find a lot of her female characters grating in some aspects, but one has to remember the time Anne grew up in, and despite some changes through the years, she still wrote her female characters the way she did because that was just the way she was! Everybody has their own subconscious blind spots, and Anne was no exception to that rule, despite how things change.

One could debate this till The Shadow War, and such has been batted back and forth both here and on AMCF. Hell, I bet if you dug into the Archives of the OKT, you could probably dredge up similar debates - Grey Bear not withstanding - and no doubt future generations will drag out the same ol' Horsehead Nebula now and again.

Me, I just prefer to take Anne's works for the entertainment they are and enjoy them, inconsistencies and all.

I dunno, maybe I'm getting old (GET OFF MY LAWN!)
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