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Default Re: Twenty-first century Shell People?

but things are so much cheaper now than a few years ago.
look at the PC...
Colossus was enormous in size but could be beaten by most if not all modern computers,
the old BBC computers-great fun when I was in Primary school are obsolete, which is a pity cos they had some great educational games, (Look and Read, and a Castle building one I used in yr 7)
and my laptop (under 5 yrs old) is too slow to run some programs now.

chips are getting smaller everyday, and we're getting closer to combining electrical and optical circuits, you can put a semiconductor laser in your pocket. New materials are lighter and more durable. The idea of prosphetics is closer really than successful artificial fusion-and no bubble fusion please!

Hey! next thing we know there'll be a Horizon programme of this! full of flaws as usual! claiming that someone's got the plans for a working hand!
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