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Default Re: Non-fiction anyone?

I've read all the war novelizations that Michael Shaara and his son Jeff have written and they're all excellent. Michael started it with "The Killer Angels" which is about the Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War. He based all the conversations on the diaries, journals, and letters of people who were there while writing the book from the perspective of a few of the main participants. The book won a Pulitzer Prize for literature and was the basis for the movie "Gettysburg." Michael died part way through writing the second book of the Civil War Trilogy and his son Jeff took over. Jeff has since completed the Civil War Trilogy, two on the American Revolution, one on the Mexican-American War, two on World War I, and three of four on World War II. All have followed the format Michael started with "The Killer Angels." And all are excellent.
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