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Well, the jig is up--I've been stirring the possum pretty vigourously. Granath had a good, hard chat with me, after dropping by here:

Yep, to quote myself,

Originally Posted by ghyle
bullsh*t is bullsh*t
The whole Anne & Todd post was a randomly generated parody of typical postmodernism, which camp of thought is, frankly, a consignment of geriatic shoemakers. I had wondered what would happen if I put up an impressive piece of gibberish, and how people would react.

Cheryl, C_ris, et al, I salute you for advocating the best position: I agree totally with your position, actually. Anareth, you also almost blew my cover as well: what has Marx to do with Anne & Todd, eh?

I'm surprised, thpough, that nobody picked up on this sentence: "In Dragon Skin, Todd McCaffrey affirms social realism; in Dragonsblood, although, he reiterates conceptualist capitalism." Surely, Todd as a Communist, then a capitalist, is ludicrous, no?

Oh well. You've all been sporting chaps, and I hope that you'll forgive the somewhat reaches of my mind.
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