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Originally Posted by ghyle
says Foucault; however, according to Sargeant[1]
1. Sargeant, J. (1977) The Context of Rubicon: Social realism and conceptualist capitalism. University of California Press
11. Sargeant, N. W. (1980) Substructural Discourses: Social realism and conceptualist capitalism. Loompanics
Sorry, but I'm not about to read all these other books/essays just so I can know what you are referring to in yours.

On another note, I think I found a typo:
"Reality is a legal fiction," says Baudrillard; however, according to Tilton[5] , it is not so much reality that is a legal fiction, but rather the defining characteristic of reality. In Dragon Skin, Todd McCaffrey affirms social realism; in Dragonsblood, although, he reiterates conceptualist capitalism. It could be said that many constructions concerning the subsemantic paradigm of discourse exist.
I think that should be "however" - it doesn't make sense as it is.

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