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You would still have the human aspect of Helva (well besides the obvious statements of Tia). After all, the start of the series would be from when Helva's mother gave birth to her and finding out about Helva's physical disabilities. The decision of putting her into a shell etc would be an "endearing" point of view as most parents would relate to the "what if's", especially those who have children with disabilities (both physical and mental/learning e.g. dyslexia, aspergers, AHDH). It would reek of the humane-ness of what people go through to find themselves in that situation.

But then what's considered "normal"? A person who is physically able, would consider themselves normal, in much the same way that a person with disabilities would consider themselves normal. It's how we look at it and compare. Consider how it's written in the books, that "shelled" people consider "soft-shells" as being too soft (pardon the pun here) and vice versa - shells as being a hard-core tin-plated @#%^. MM and SPRIM getting a workout for sure.
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