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Default Collecting Highlight (44) - The Ship Who Sang

As some of you know, I recently won a Walker and Co Ship Who Sang on eBay. So I decided to make The Ship Who Sang my next collecting highlight. (This is also dedicated to our resident Ship Who Sang 'fan'atic, Lady Maelin!)

Condition of books we collect is very important. You want to buy the best copy you can for the money you have to spend. I don't have the $1200 or more a Fine copy brings but managed to win a copy on eBay for a decent amount of money. It is not an ex-library copy which is a major plus as the ex-libraries are all I had been seeing recently. So I'm very happy with my copy.

Anne's father, Colonel the Honourable Doctor George Herbert McCaffrey, was diagnosed with TB and his passing was the most traumatic experience of her life. To this day she cannot hear taps, or see a flag-drapped coffin, without weeping. In 1958 (though the story wasn't submitted until 1961), his death influenced the story, The Ship Who Sang. It still provokes the same emotion, in Anne and in other readers: tears of grief. It is one of Anne's most reprinted stories, certainly one of her most effective ones. She says every time anyone reads it, she thinks: "Here's to you, Dad!"
"Ship" taught her to use emotion as a writing tool. And she does, with neither apology nor shame, even though she's writing science fiction, a genre not often noted, in those days, for any emotions, only intellectual exercise and scientific curiosities. Anne says that if a writer feels some genuine and deep emotion when writing a manuscript, by some strange alchemy, that emotion is transmitted to the reader.

The book is dedicated to him. (my copy has a signed bookplate covering it, but only one edge is afixed to the page.) The dedication is as follows:
to the memory of
the Colonel, my father
citizen soldier patriot
for whom the ship first sang

The Walker and Co hardcover was issued in 1969. It is the US hardcover edition. The Ship Who Sang is comprised of several short stories written from 1961 - 1969. The stories are as follows: The Ship Who Sang - 1961; The Ship Who Mourned - 1966; The Ship Who Killed - 1966; The Ship Who Dissembled - 1969 and finally, The Dramatic Mission - 1969.

The front and back flaps of the dustjacket....

The photo of Anne is when she won the Nebula in 1969 for Dragonrider, the second half of the book Dragonflight. The first half, Weyr Search, won a Hugo in 1968.

Entire dustjacket.

The UK hardcover was published in 1971 by Rapp and Whiting Ltd. The cover doesn't have anything to do with the book at all, unless it's a representation of a ship. But at least it isn't like any of the UK Pern dust jacket art.

The picture below shows both hardcover books without dust jackets. White being the Walker and Co and the green the Rapp and Whiting.

The only other hardcover copy available has been thru the Science Fiction Book Club. It's cover has always been a favorite of mine.

Original price for the Walker and Co was $4.95 and the Rapp and Whiting was 1 Pound .80P. (sorry don't know how to make it show Pounds Sterling) As I stated earlier a signed copy of the Walker and Co is priced around $1200 and an ex-library is priced around $400. The copy I purchased was $225, so this can be used as a guide for an acceptable price for a copy of the book. The Rapp and Whiting is priced from $500 - $700. The book club can be found on eBay for as little as $15 and on up.

Now a request for your opinion.......
If I should find a better dust jacket, should I purchase it and swap out the one I have? I am considering it, if I should run across a dust jacket. What do you think?
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