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Originally Posted by Gidget2
...., she does have a handy case of "oh, an accident where I've been frozen again - ah well, must carry on regardless".
Having just read the part in Death of Sleep where Lunzie is 'frozen' for the first time I think that part of her reaction to being in cold sleep had to do with a couple of things, first her medical background helped as she had access to all the data on cold sleep and secondly she had just had the session with the other miner who had been in cold sleep for 10 years. It was fresh in her mind and so she tried to put things in perspective using his experiences and her medical knowledge. I guess I'm saying that she had the tools to handle the experience and did so very well. Now her subsequent sleeps, those seem to be a bit harder to understand how she took them so well, but I think I can see how she could handle them. Her family was gone, basically Fiona was older now and by the time she had to sleep again possibly had died. (been a while since reading so details are sketchy, sorry) She also had a shorter sleep time, which could be easier on her after sleeping once, kinda like a little cat nap after 63 years the first time. She knew what she needed to do and did it. The same with the others, she had knowledge and used it to her advantage, to help her get thru the awakenings. She also was an Adept which helped hugely! She had to go to that temple (?) place for a while so they helped her there too. So a good support system, one not available to the normal person, along with her knowledge which also wasn't availalbe to the normal person.
Lunzie is my favorite character, mainly because she does endure some very hard times (in some ways the tuffest times of all Anne's characters, to me) and keeps hold of her sanity and also grows as an individual, beyond her wildest expectations.
(I sure hope this makes sense, I was headed to bed when I stopped at this thread) sorry if this doesn't make sense, I'll be sorry too when I read over this tomorrow!
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