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Default Re: What is the tithe rate?

They may not have had hi-tech, but they did practice sanitation and used herbal medicine to great effect. They also had c-section. Most women died in childbirth, or right after because of poor hygiene, and infection. Just washing their hands and keeping clean would dramatically reduce the death rate - half of all maternal deaths were due to childbed fever.

Also, again, the Pernese are much healthier as a population, no one, except possibly the holdless are on the verge of starvation. Yes, they eat better in the Weyrs and Halls, but that's mainly quality, not quantity. And most infant deaths are as a result of poor nutrition.

Added all together, with their overall healthiness and good hygiene as well as adequate nutrition, it's not unreasonable to assume they had lower infant mortality and birth death rates
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