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Default Re: What is the tithe rate?

The Domesday Book calculator suggests that at-minimum, Pern has a population of 30 million. We might be able to nudge that lower by a couple million, but I think that's about right - Earth hasn't been lower than about 15 million since the invention of agriculture, which the Pernese most certainly have. And I suspect the Pernese are far from subsistence agriculture types - they have to be, to tithe, and they must have kept useful inventions like the cotton gin. We don't see any evidence of a vast class of people being used as slave labor. Drudges, yes. Vast fields of cotton workers or sugar plantations, no.

What Pern doesn't particularly have is a New World full of inhabitants who have been domesticating crops and animals independently. It's doubtful that the Pernese are going to find something equivalent to the potato or corn over on the Southern Continent. The land is open for expansion, yes, but the Pernese won't be stealing a whole new toolset to use.
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