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Default Re: Of Towers and Primes - or, Where Are They Now?

I'm not too knowledgeable about the ex-hiver worlds, but you seem correct with the rest of it.

There's also Zara, but she's a medical Prime.

Altair still has Bastian and Maharanjani as far as we know...although I wouldn't be surprised to see Flavia eventually take over.

I'm not sure that Jeran or Cera had any Primes, though. But then again, even though it doesn't specifically mention also doesn't say they *didn't* so that's up to you and your fic. (But it just seems odd that Damia and Afra's progeny are getting tossed everywhere and yet they don't meet up with Prime-level first cousins who would roughly be contemporaries. To me, that suggests that there aren't any, and that Jeff needs to put Afra and Damia under a microscope to see why every single friggin' kid they had was Prime in some way.)

Granath's Towerdex is very solid. She's awesome to have put it together!

The planets that were ex-Hiver I doubt will get permanent Towers right away unless for some reason one of the planets becomes surprisingly important. Probably will have facilities for when Primes are needed, such as at the initial colonization, but no long-haulers like Laria or Damia or Jeran. So I'd count anyone stationed there as being, Jeff would move them at a moment's notice.
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