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Default Re: About a Prime's Tower....

I do think liners are probably equipped to be able to withstand being parked in hard vacuum; I guess it's possible that some people have to get off at Callisto and switch to another liner, which is how Damia got on, but I agree, the Tower crewman who just shuffled her on without checking her identity or making sure she knew where to go should be harshly punished. (Although, I wonder if maybe Damia messed with his mind, soothing him and his fears; that's a possible explanation, and ties in nicely with the fact that having a 3 year old who can 'port and 'path on a moonbase is dangerous thing, due to having more power than wisdom.)

Economies of scale work to some extent with Talents, but it's not as easy as having a Boeing 747 always be better than a small 20-seater plane. That's because a good T2 in gestalt could probably move the latter, but not the former.
I was thinking more that if a Prime can lift a "big daddy" full of ore, she or he could certainly lift a thousand people in a liner, and doing that would be more efficiant time-wise than having the Prime transport 5 smaller ships or liners. For a Prime, it's the number of transfers that takes longer, not the mass. For non-Prime Towers, obviously things would be different, and the FT&T and logistics people would work within the set, large liners might not be able to go through Altair, for example, after its Prime dies and they have a T-2 team. But then again, maybe they can, but have to hop through a few more, they might go to Callisto, before being sent on to Deneb by Rowan, rather than being sent straight from Altair to Deneb.

But, gah, this slides into that other thread I wanted to do, about FT&T Tower operations. I'll say more there, once I make it.
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