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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire

I thought it hilarious last year when several GRRM fans were selling wristbands with George RR Martin is not your bitch for $2 each at Aussiecon4 whilst we were all in line to have our respective books signed (figured I'd get some of my anthologies signed by him as they were in the same ones that AMC wrote in). Even more fun when we both tried to bowl each other over, on my way to a forum, GRRM on his way to where-ever. I thanked him for his patience as both child and I were participating in Masquerade that night and needed to go to rehearsals, in signing my books and we were just about to go when told that we were first in line for the next signing which was hold at the same time as rehearsals. We asked if he could sign our books so we could go. He didn't have to but he let us have our request so I will respect him for that. True story.
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