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Default Re: Would all Harper Play and instrument...?

Did Master Arnor play an instrument? He was a craftmaster at the Harper Hall - Master Archivist - but I can't recall if he could do anything musically.

I've always thought of the Harper Hall as the catch-all place to send kids when they showed now talent for anything else. Come from a glassmaking family but can't tell the difference between the types of sand and what glass they would make? Send 'm to the Harper Hall. Maybe they can find out what his talent is.

Harpers are the arbitrators of Pern - so even if you're tone deaf and musically impaired, if you are absolutely fan-tastic at discerning the truth between two people, then the Harper Hall would take them in.

How about accountants? I can't think of any other Hall that would handle accounting. And I don't care how primitive or advanced your society is - you would need to have someone good with numbers to determine how rich/poor you are.

Harpers are the teachers of Pern. Granted, music is the best way to teach, and that is what they do, but you don't have to have a shred of musical inclination to be a great teacher. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the Harper teachers had students who could sing, or sync a beat, much better than they could.
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