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A statement in the DLG states that if Wher eggs hatch away from humans, the young will be wild. Chances are, these wild Whers fly the night falls. In the early years of Pern, less Whers would have meant that Dragons had to fly the falls. Some point after the Third Pass and before the Sixth, Wher information was forgotten. At some point during then, if enough Whers bred in the wild, they could have done the falls, and the Dragonriders just stopped bothering (or they may have decided to leave it to the Whers, but not recorded why, and it got forgotten).

Also, it could be that night falls were originally a lot more common, and the Red Star could have been closer to Pern. If the engines of the colonist starships exploding pushed the Red Star away (and caused the Long Intervals), it could have made night falls less common, and ultimately impossible, as the falling Thread had to fall further or something that made the survival rate drop.
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