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Default Re: Marketing: Short Story Collections vs. Novels

Yes, I definitely think it is marketing and I am pretty sure a novel sells easier, better and more than a collection of short stories in a book. The fact that many of Anne's best (selling) books are consiting out of (bundled/combined/reworked) short stories has nothing to do with that. I think that is/was more a sign of the times and how Anne's agent sold her writings.

I also think the critique has nothing to do with that because, as you can research and surmise, Anne's books that originated as a or more shart stories, are also her best sellers. So the argument that they are "segmented" etc. doesn't ring true. No, it is far more the case, imho, that the success of those first books made the publishers ask for more volumes, a series, and that is maybe not always the thing where Anne's qualities lay (except for Pern, which holds a good number of good books but then, that is a big series).

Anne has always been very clear about the fact that she wrote/writes for a living, to earn an income with. Somehow that is hard to grasp for many fans. If a publisher asks her for a sequel, third or fourth book, she will produce and won't be bothered if it is as good or better than the first book in the series. If it is accepted by the publisher it gets published. Period.

It is us, the reader group that determine a book is a success or not by buying it There is an immense amount of critique on Todd's books for instance. But Del Rey will keep publishing them if they are sold. That is how simple it is.
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