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Life didn't cheat me out of contributing a story to the book, Hans. I declined because I was busy with other projects. Good grief, man, I wrote 8 books in that series, which is more Acorna than most people. Drawing on the same world is not the same thing as being part of the storyline though. Even if you use some of the same characters. There have been several, if not many, anthologies that do that.
Actually, I edited something similar for my Channeling Cleopatra and Cleopatra 7.2 books. There was an anthology, Past Lives Present Tense, first where I invited other authors to play with the same idea--and a few of the central characters. As in the solicitation for the Unicorn Girl, the boundaries were outlined so that while a short story seemed to be happening within the same world and time, it would not inhibit me (or in the case of Unicorn Girl, Margaret, Anne or much later, me) in developing situations and characters. My own story was a prequel to the other two books and they referred back to it, alluding to some of the characters in it. Several of the other stories also mentioned these characters but their stories were independent of mine and of the rest of the book. The relationship was that they used the same central idea. I don't know if I still have it, but the last time I rooted through my files I did see the solicitation to participate in The Unicorn Girl and it was pretty detailed about what could and could not be used by those contributing stories. That was one reason I declined. I was juggling two novels and editing another one and didn't have time for the complexity of shoe-horning in a story of my own in another milieu.

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