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Default Re: Are you an Anne McCaffrey collector?

Interesting that this topic came up as having a new post, but there isn't one.

But it leads me to add my comments on the topic.

Yes, I consider myself a collector. My collection is perhaps odd (normal for me), but I hope logical. I have one signed book. A paperback of Moreta that my aunt gave me. She kind of spoiled the gift by reading it first, but it has only been read the once. The rest of my collection are hardcovers. Due to the change in size of typical hard covers in the late 80's, I started collecting the book club editions. I went back and picked up The White Dragon. I am a fan of Whelan so I had to hunt down those rare copies of Dragonflight and Dragonquest in hard cover. So I do not have the typical trilogy in one hard cover, but each individual book. I did stick with the book club of the Harper Hall Trilogy, but only because it is the only dust jacket I like the art on (and those three books always set between Dragonquest and The White Dragon on my self. My last book was A Gift of Dragons and there was nothing written by Anne after that. If her final book is ever revised and published I probably will want a copy of that as well, though I'm not sure in what format. For day to day reading I am migrating to ebooks so I am collecting those as well. They should last much longer than the many copies of the mass market paperbacks I have gone through.
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