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Default Re: Question for Pam

It landed on my house, that's why its taken so long for me to notice this! (Just kidding of course, in reality I've been terribly busy lately.) We were fast asleep (we're normally out by 10.) I'm not even sure the dogs barked. I think I read about it the next day in the local paper, but they carried the Associated Press story, not anything with a local view on it.

Our "local" (4 hours away) tv news is out of Albuquerque and we don't often watch it, so if they carried the story I don't know..

I will say though, my new pony (officially owned her that day actually) is pretty smart. Maybe she caught a little radiation and that's why she and I have such an awesome connection. Maybe it's cosmic What do you think? Is she glowing a little bit?

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