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Default Re: Where Have Anne's Books Gone??

Originally Posted by Lady Maelin View Post
PETER!!! PETER!!! PETER!!!! Where is that documentry available???? OR is it yet????

We seem to still have a decent amount of Anne's books available in our local Barnes and Noble, and other smaller new and used bookstores. Most all of the other books are found on the internet somewhere.

BOOK NOTE: We have lately been told that unfortunatly many of our local smaller book stores are going out of business because of all the volume of business that is done on the internet with used and rare books. One of our most favorite used book stores is going under because of it. He use to carry a number of out of print McCaffrey books in the past...he still has a few but even he is not
re-stocking any books these days.
Thats why if the bookshops can't get it I use ABE books- because the sellers there tend to be bookshops- though it also meant I had no problems buying weyrsearch from a guy who specialised in Analogs for 1.90 (about $4) as he could have looked it up.
I don't particulary like amazon unless its a DVD or something which I know will be unavailable esp as they taske forever to get things that shops can get in days ie the cd that arrived at the record store in 2 days rather than 6 weeks
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