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Default Re: Where Have Anne's Books Gone??

It's interesting for me to read your comments in this thread and that you're having trouble finding the books. I can tell you a little about the business end of this problem with availability of titles. We used to get everything published by Transworld when there was an editor there (also a Diana, like Anne's lovely agent, Diana Tyler) who not only bought our collabs and of course everything Anne wrote solo, but edited them so they were in British English instead of American English for the Brit editions. However, Diana T. informed my agent that Transworld declined to buy Catalyst because the other collabs had disappointing sales. They would buy the Pern ones with Todd, but none of the other series. I am hoping our Barque Cats will make them very sorry but I suspect from reading your remarks the reason they're not selling is--duh! nobody can find them. The online sales and big outfits like Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble and Borders here do hurt independent bookstores badly, as do used book sales, but with the economy the way it is, of course people go for the least expensive way they can to get their fix. Since I can deduct books on my taxes, I feel I can justify the expense of finding out what's new on Amazon and then ordering it from my local independent bookseller. I pay more, true, though I do not pay shipping and handling when I buy locally, but it supports other authors and lets me "vote" by contributing to their numbers: numbers being sales figures for anyone who has not heard writers like me whine about them before. Whether or not a publisher buys a new book or book idea from you mostly depends not on the quality of the book so much as your sales figures on previous books. It's a long strange story I will not go into. But the only way to have your own taste represented in the market is to buy books you think you'd like or by your fave authors new--hardback or paperback doesn't matter, but they need to be new. Used doesn't count with publishers or retailers, and of course, neither do library checkouts although libraries at least buy THEIR copies new and can tell by checkouts about demand for a title and might buy more copies if there are lots of patrons checking out a title.
When I was roaming around over there in the UK while working with Annie there was a nice specialty SF/F store (and comics I think) that carried American published books as well as ones that had been bought by Brit publishers. Forbidden Planet? There was one in Dublin, I think, and Edinburgh and London as well and some other places too but they may have gone the way of other independent bookstores by now.
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