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Default Re: Todd: The One Tree Of Luna

Originally Posted by kindan View Post
Yeah, Todd likes to write and read YA. I thought it was a cute story.

I didn't see the copy-edit issues so I must have read it a little faster.
Possibly. My hardback pace is 100 pages per minute though, so it might be more likely that I just spend more time writing and editing, and I'm more alert to these things. If it was just one, I might have glossed over it, but it happened again and again over the space of several pages.

Now you have me thinking of the story again, there are more and more things I could nitpick about it. I think my amateur editor hat is stuck on my head...nevermind.

Brenda - the phrasing was 'filled me with a reverence' IIRC. I'm used to seeing either 'filled me with reverence' or 'filled me with a sense of reverence', but I've never seen Todd's version before. That's why I asked if it was common american usage. You don't really want obscure phrasing in your first paragraph.
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