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Originally Posted by Gidget2 View Post
<simp>LOL Where did you get that from? As far as I can recall, they kind of look like giant protozoans. Or is that just me making stuff up???? LOL Entirely possible .... I don't have any of my PP books with me so I can't look it up. <sinp> Yes that what I was trying to recall.

I know that they are telepathic with the Ssli larvae in their sessile stage and with the odd human who they think can accept that mode of communication (which, of course, Sassinak could ....)
she has an open mind, friends that would help and between the Ssli adut (which she met it as a liarvae as a cadet) and the Weft on her first posting they were able to save her, and get the on causing problems, she was a very good problem solver.

Yes, I also read that they think its bad for thir youngs to change shape in public its in the Death of Sleep

Still can find my copy of Sassinak yet, just saw this update an had something I found while not on-line, so I post what I do know, something about have a ring and limbs, using that to regrow it? I know its in Sassinak also something, about the connection with the Ssli liarvae and a Weft contacting Sassinak in the last book, I have not read it in years so I may have the wrong book. "sigh".
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