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Originally Posted by D. M. Domini View Post
I always like the Wefts, but the only thing I remember about them is that A) they're shapeshifters, B) they have 3 genders and become sterile if they leave their homeworld, and C) when choosing a human form, they often base them on celebrities, tweaking the features just enough that it's not an exact match.
Mmmm. Me too! I think they are awesomely cool LOL I always thought that was an odd choice - the choosing someone famous and then tweaking it. Or maybe people would just go "Wow, you really look like that holovid star!" and then stop thinking about it LOL

I also have a mental image that they are somewhat triangular, angular, and vaguely resemble the aliens from Alien.
LOL Where did you get that from? As far as I can recall, they kind of look like giant protozoans. Or is that just me making stuff up???? LOL Entirely possible .... I don't have any of my PP books with me so I can't look it up.

I know that they are telepathic with the Ssli larvae in their sessile stage and with the odd human who they think can accept that mode of communication (which, of course, Sassinak could ....)
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