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Kylie Sue Martin took stock of the "hotel" she was in. Apparently the Department of Research for Anomalous Genetic OrgaNisms rated high on the plush-o-meter. Her room was more like an apartment, and boasted every luxury imaginable. Satellite TV, satellite radio, a recliner couch, oak tables, tile flooring. The only thing she didn't have was internet, or a way to go home.

How they were able to get her and Rhavishath to their compound without anyone noticing was beyond her understanding. How did they explain the military cargo-plane on Airport Highway? Considering it was large enough to hold a fully matured queen dragon with room to spare – it had to cause some comment. Kylie had been afraid they’d want her to fly there, and that would have been nigh unto impossible with the Threadscore Rhavishath boasted. Instead, Kylie and Rhavishath had been transported in relative style and comfort.

The most surprising thing about the DRAGON compound was the ready belief in her story - of course, how else could they explain the large gold dragon in their backyard, eating any and all livestock they brought in for her? There was also the fact that DRAGON had been around since the early 70's, when the first dragon and rider were found in a mangled heap on a parking lot in downtown Atlanta.

Since then, speculation ran rampant about where these manifestations originated. That Kylie provided the answer only whetted their appetite for more answers.

The sound of a key turning in the lock alerted her to a visitor in this luxurious prison. She smiled as Derek came in, closing the door behind him.

"So, any decisions yet?" she asked, sitting back and folding her hands on the table in front of her.

"They finally decided," Derek answered, taking the chair across from her. "I'm to take you home."

Kylie felt her stomach plummet in disappointment. "Oh. To Toledo?"

"No." Derek leaned forward and looked in her eyes. "To Pern."
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