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Default Re: What is happening

Getting the impression that there are two types of paint on this car: the stuff which will come right off and that which is utterly immovable.

I think I'll just go round the car getting the easier stuff off then will have a look what's left.

Again today I didn't really have much time to play with but was determined to make at least some headway. 

So played automotive Tetris so I could get the Invacar actually out of the garage and see what I was doing. 

Set about slathering things with paint stripper again.

Then ensued a good amount of waiting patiently followed by scrubbing and scraping. Finally the pressure washer was employed to get rid of the residue so I could see what I was left with.

I need to pick up a better paint scraper, this one is so blunt as to be essentially useless. Think I need to be a bit more patient too to just see if it will slowly eat through the sections which have refused to budge so far.

Nice to see the roof to bulkhead seal showing through again...feels like we are seeing progress though.

I'd really like to get a couple of hours in a stretch where I could just leave the stripper to work and hopefully get a couple of panels properly cleared.

In other news, with the van having ceased squeaking at idle a really horrible sounding rattle/buzz was brought to the forefront.

Initially this sounded like it might be related to the belt tensioner, but a bit of digging revealed a far simpler and easily resolved issue. The U-bolt holding the exhaust downpipe onto the bracket on the gearbox had stripped the threads so it had worked loose. This clamp was reused because the one supplied with the exhaust was fractionally too small.

I made up a spacer with a few washers to pack it out returning the nuts to a solid bit of thread, allowing it to be tightened back up properly.

Nice simple fix.

While I was under there I had a look at all the joints on the system for any signs of leaks now it's got a few miles on.

No tell tale sooty marks anywhere that I can see, nor could I hear anything chuffing so I'll take that as a win.

So the Invacar still needs paintwork, but at least the van is quieter at idle now. I hadn't realised quite how awful it was until sorting this! 

Edit: Yes I know the front exhaust hanger is missing the rubber. This is another "things I've had to do to make a really cheap exhaust fit without touching stuff it shouldn't" and not buzzing. Think this being fitted made it lift another hanger elsewhere off so the whole thing wound up sitting squint. Just removing the rubber block seemed to be the easiest solution...the system is more than sufficiently supported.
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