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I'm opposite of Anareth - I always, always, always know what my characters look like. To the point that I utilize the Sims 2 Bodyshop to work out the details. (I love the Sims 2 Bodyshop...I get to model my characters, and Pern characters, and the result doesn't actually look half bad, since I'm resting on the laurels of talented visual artists who made the various clothes and eyes and skins to download...)

I keep a lot of notes--writing notes helps me bring the story out of the stellar nursury, it makes my ideas firmer. I don't often refer to them, however...they're there mostly as my process to solidify the ideas on "paper".

I also have a folder called "old" for scenes I ended up cutting. It's always fun to go through that...sometimes it's horridly obvious why I cut, cut, cut, other times I'm like, "Hey! This scene isn't half bad...maybe I can use it somewhere else..."

Shalyn, who is apparently training me to deal with fans, promptly began shipping him wtih the least-appropriate character available.
...should I admit here that I ship my own characters sometimes for the hell of it? Outside of the relationships I plan to actually get them involved in?

I think sometimes it must be absolutely hilarious for someone like, say, J. K. Rowling who has so *much* fanfic and shipping fics out there on her work just to *see* the combinations that come up. Although post book-four, as I recall, there were many, many highly suspicious lines that were easily taken out of context by HP fans. My eyebrow kept jerking up when reading at some of her word choices. I sort of suspect she did that on purpose.

(Come to think of it, I've been doing that in my Pern fic. Dropping false hints and lines about Robinton and F'lon that would be just awful if taken out of context and inappropriately interpreted. I don't intend to actually ship them, but I can't help but tease.)
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