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Default Re: Get ready to sky-watch on Aug 12!

I Love the BAA journal i even rejoined as a overseas member.. the Articles and handbook are great,

Originally Posted by P'ter View Post
Quote from British Astronomical Association Journal:-

"Perseids 2007
Active July 23-August 20
Radiant RA 03h 04m Dec +58

The undoubted stand-out for meteor observers in the summer of 2007 is a very favourable return of the Perseids, peaking on Aug 13d 02h UT in dark, moonless skies.

At this time, just as dawn is approaching for observers in the British Isles, the Perseid radiant will be high in the eastern sky and from locations away from artificial light pollution rates of around a meteor per minute should be attained.

In most years, the Perseids produce corrected ZHR around 80 at maximum, with rates at half that level on Aug 11-12 and 13-14.

Indeed, watches on any night in the 10-day interval centred on Perseid maximum are likely to be very productive for the patient observer: this is a great time for new observers to try their hand at meteor work!"
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