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Default Collecting Highlight (32) - Brandywyne Year of the Lucy

As some of you may know I went to Seattle a couple of weeks ago to the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair. I went just to look at the wonderful old books brought by over 80 dealers. Well, I also hoped to find some special Anne book(s). Hers aren't technically 'antiquarian' but they are collectible!

I did see a Del Rey 1st edition hardcover of DRAGONFLIGHT and DRAGONQUEST. I was very surprised to see them! But what really got me was to find ............ a Brandywyne YEAR OF THE LUCY!!! Brandywyne did this edition in 1986. Brandywyne is a part of the Underwood-Miller publishers.

I couldn't believe a copy found its way there! And since I was with Donna, for me to touch it first! (believe me, if I hadn't bought it she would have!)

This is the suedel case and the dustjacketed book. The case is still in its original shrinkwrapping too!

Another picture of the case, book and the full dustjacket.

You won't believe how I felt when I saw this book! I've been looking at them online and had almost purchased a copy. But I was meant to have this particular copy for some reason. It is a bit damaged as you can see in the first picture (the upper left corner). The book, in its case, had to have fallen from a great height as the case corner is crumpled and the same for the corresponding corner of the book itself. Damaged goods, yes, but I'd love to know the story behind it.

And yes, it is signed by Anne. #194 of only 350 copies that were made.

If you've never read any of Anne's 'romance' novels, please give them a try. I don't really classify them as romance novels. I don't know what to call them. But having read my share of romance novels, these are not the same.
One of the book sellers started chatting with me about Anne's books and said that all she writes about are big dogs, vegitarians and men bashing. Now luckily for him I'd just purchased this book and was in a good mood and said good-bye and left his stall to go find another stall with more of Anne's books. I've still not figured out where he got the 'big dogs' from and while there are a lot of books that don't use meat as a food it makes sense to me. I mean when you're in space you don't have a lot of room to have cattle grazing on a spaceship. As for man bashing well, you have to consider the troubles Anne was having during the time a lot of these stories were written. There are a lot of negatives about men, but then again there are a lot of good men in her stories.
Ok, I've gone off topic. Sorry, but I just had to share this bit.
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