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Default Re: Dragonriders: Comic Book

I think Dragonflight was the only book that got that treatment. The only other thing like it out there would be the People of Pern book, which is a collection of headshots and paintings of various characters from the earlier books. There's also the headshots of the Weyrleaders, Lord Holders and Craftmasters just before Dragonquest that were in the board game - the pictures can be seen here; .

In some cases the characters look pretty similar across media - F'lar and Robinton are drawn fairly similarly - but in some cases they look completely different - T'ron's a good example; the game makes him old, and dark-haired with a sour expression, while the comic gives him greying brown hair, a few wrinkles and a kindly look.

You know, it's just occured to me that D'ram's shown with red hair in the board game, and IIRC, the only time any character has red hair in any of the books it's implied they're a relative of Sean and Sorka...perhaps D'ram's a distant link, or has Ruathan blood?
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