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Default Re: How can Mirrim be a weyr leader?

If you were Talina and there was this perfectly trained greenrider willing to take on headwoman/weyrwoman duties, wouldn't you take advantage of that resource? Especially if it helps keep the peace with the bronzerider that happens to be your Weyrleader?

Personally, I think Talina was wise to put Mirrim to work as a pseudo-headwoman and give her an outlet for her skills and mothering nature. For one thing, it sets a tone of respect for female greenriders, which is a good example to provide given their rarity. Mirrim is also not likely to plot against Talina in the manner that Kylara did against Lessa, giving Talina a trusted advisor who has a deeper understanding of Weyr culture than she does and has a unique perspective on Weyr management due to her years under Brekke's care.
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