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Default Re: How can Mirrim be a weyr leader?

Originally Posted by littlemann001 View Post
So T'gellen is weyr leader, and his bronze is mated to Talina's, the weyr womans queen -- but his weyr mate is Mirrim?
That is one confusing relationship - I wouldn't want to be around during the mating flights.
His bronze also presumably flies Mirrim's green Path. The dragons aren't monogamous (except Mnementh and Ramoth, and that's mostly that Ramoth doesn't share--she doesn't even like the other Benden bronzes having other queens around to chase despite not letting them have her!) And they're weyrfolk, so they don't expect riders to be monogamous in mating flights, either. T'gellan is weyrmates with Mirrim, but if he wants to keep being Weyrleader, he has to sleep with Talina occasionally. Not a big deal for anyone concerned.
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